Riaz Trading  was founded in 2001. Since 2007, Riaz Trading has been  confidently as event organizer to recognize  all of events and development of projects consistently to achieve every progression in event management.

We are a professional, high motivated and creative team of event management. In an increasingly fast-paced and demanding world, we acknowledge that while people demand for the most professional and efficient service, product and space of promotion in event management. As such, we are committed to achieving your goals and earning your trust is our utmost priority.

At Riaz Trading , We combine technology design and also unique design every space of promotion. We are focused in establishing the trust and respect of our clients and forge ahead in sharing the others space of promotion future together.

Besides, we at Riaz Trading  has been part for Medical supplies. Our business is to supply the market with innovative and high quality products that satisfy the medical needs of our customers. [View our product]

At Riaz Trading  we are working in teamwork with the best and the most talented from the different sectors to achieve in global industry.

Company Background

RIAZ TRADING  was registered on 24 April 2001. Through the sole owner as a supplier of laboratory equipment, medicines and  chemicals. The business later diversified by supplying stationery,  furniture, appliances, home appliance, clothing and accessories, uniforms, wash the area and the building, raw food, fresh, dried, and canned foods and bottles, packaging, signage, work- interior design, stage management services, exhibitions and installations.

In January 2003, RIAZ TRADING  has expanded its business by creating new business branches, (Event Organizer). So far, RIAZ TRADING  been able to operate various event through contracts that have been awarded by the management of shopping centres such as Giant Hypermarket, Carrefour, Time Square, Jusco, Bukit Jalil and some of the leading shopping centres in the Klang Valley.

With effort and hard work, RIAZ TRADING  won the trust of many stakeholders, in particular from management and  business support to our company from the beginning until today.RIAZ TRADING able to success in the future.